Stimulus Check News: $500 Monthly Payments Announced

stimulus check
stimulus check

Stimulus Check has been the talk of the town for the last few months. Citizens have tried a number of methods to persuade the government. The citizens have sent letters to Congress asking for the provision of funds. 

A couple of petitions are being launched. One of the petitions has managed to attract a lot of support. The petition is an online document that can be accessed at “Change.Org”. This movement was started by a restaurant owner, Stephanie Bonin. What started as a petition has now gathered almost 3million signatures. The recent tally has shown 2.9 million signatures have been completed. If the petition crosses the 3million mark, it would become the most engaging initiative in US history. 

A sum of $2000 has been requested by the online proposal. The money has been demanded to be sent out on a monthly basis. However, all these efforts could not make the government change its mind. Luckily for America, States have started sending in their stimulus checks. Let us take a look at some of them. 

Stimulus Check Worth $500 Announced By Michigan 

Most of the states have come to the rescue of the people in dire times. California, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee are such examples. The state of California spearheads the mission. Governor Gavin Newsom has stated that all the citizens earning below $75000 annually will receive the Money. The Golden State Stimulus II will also provide $500 for children under eighteen years. 

Citizens of Ann Arbor will be receiving stimulus checks worth $500 for three consecutive years. A total of hundred households will be chosen based on their earnings. Researches will be carried on to assess the impacts of the program on the citizens. The funds would be derived from the allotted provision of the American Rescue Plan.