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Sunday, September 10, 2023

Stimulus Check A Must For Vulnerable Seniors

While Washington continues to maintain its silence about the possibility of a fourth stimulus check, progressive lawmakers and citizens have not given up the fight. The effect of the pandemic on the economy continues to be felt deeply, especially by a certain section of society.

Now a senior advocacy group plans to petition Congress to intervene and help as next year’s Social Security cost-of-living adjustment could be the highest for years. Retirees will face additional costs in other areas.

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The group is hopeful that lawmakers will at least consider the plight of the nation’s at-risk seniors and issue stimulus checks for them immediately.

A non-partisan seniors advocacy group, the Senior Citizens League has pointed to an imminent 6.2% increase for the coming year based on the Consumer Price Index data. This year’s bump, in comparison, was a mere 1.3%.

Stimulus Check Could Help Senior Face Rising Cost

This prospective increase comes even as seniors are confronted with rising costs. Additionally, Medicare Part B Premiums will be higher and taxes on benefits could negate the adjustments.

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The League is hopeful of doing something about this issue. This month the advocacy group has mailed its supporters keeping them in the loop of its plans to petition Congress for stimulus checks of $1,400 for seniors.

The mail found immediate support, says Mary Johnson of the League. They received dozens of replies from seniors who shared their plight. More than 50 letters spoke about having to cut down to a single meal. They were likely to spend on emergency savings, and withdraw more money than usual.

Several seniors had to make emergency financial adjustments after the onset of the pandemic. Seniors are feeling the most pinch as food, gas, and other essential prices keep increasing in keeping with an overall spike in consumer prices.

Any boost in the benefit checks will be offset by the matching rise in inflation.  As a consequence, a quarter of the seniors have been forced to do without dairy and meat. The Senior Citizen’s League hopes that a stimulus check matching the third stimulus check should help people from giving up on essentials.

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