Stimulus Check: Hope For The Amount Strong Even Even For Those Who Haven’t Received It

stimulus check
stimulus check

It was naturally frustrating for a lot of seniors and veterans as they voice their frustration at still not having received the third stimulus check. They had hoped that they would get it along with the majority of Americans who have received it. And the frustrations and anxiety have been increased as the American economy continues to remain in the vice-like grip of the pandemic that continues to ravage the world.

Federal beneficiaries like the SSDI and the SSI have been making anxious inquiries and are desperate for any news. People have received their regular benefits on their Direct Express debit cards but there has been no news of the stimulus check.

The IRS, many feels, has blundered in computing the list. Living on $800 per month is hard enough. But it doesn’t mean that you have missed out on the stimulus check. The majority of people who haven’t received their third stimulus check are non-filers. The IRS has no personal details of the majority of this group.

The people who received their stimulus payment in the first round were people and families who file regular tax returns and who had all their bank details with the IRS. This enabled them to send the amount through direct transfers that reached them immediately.

stimulus check
stimulus check

This system has now been discontinued after March 24. All further payment will be by paper checks and prepaid debit cards which be delivered by the US postal department. These mails take time to reach their destination and the situation has been worsened as the large volume of mail has further slowed down the process.

If you happen to be gainfully employed, you only have to ride out the crisis for several weeks more before the mail arrives. But people out of work due to the pandemic are facing the harsh reality.

The first stimulus check hit banks on March 17. This third round of the stimulus payments guarantees as much as $1,400 per individual if they qualify. Some have even received their stimulus payment by paper checks and prepaid cards.

Millions Yet To Get Their Third Stimulus Check

The numbers are huge, as around 30 million federal beneficiaries under SSDI and SSI wait to receive their Payments. This was revealed in a letter on Wednesday by leaders who are part of the House Ways and Means Committee.

They said that for some unknown reasons the relevant files were not sent by the SSA to the IRS. This has led to this desperate situation,

according to Richard Neal, a Massachusetts Democratic leader and also New Jersey Democrat Bill Pascrell Jr.

Both the IRS and the Social Security Administration came in for some heavy criticism from Democrats who are part of the Committee, on their careless handling of the situation.

These people are one of the most vulnerable groups of people with disabilities. They include veterans who have served America with honor. They are not able to provide for their basics as they wait in vain for the third stimulus check.

Stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

Signed by Pascrell Jr., Neal, and others, the letter expressed distress that people who are receiving Social Security and SSI benefits, and also Railroad workers and veterans have not received their stimulus check even though they are not mandated to file their returns.

Endless Woes For Some Yet To Get Their Stimulus Check

To compound their woes, the IRS has failed to provide a timeline. The SSA has replied that it has worked in tandem with the tax department in the past but has been facing various hurdles including budget restrictions. Neither has it received any allocation to support the extra burden of working on the payments under the Rescue Plan.

It further noted that it was their initiative that overcame the inherent inability of the IRS to identify SSI beneficiaries, which constitute the single most deprived people in the US.

The SSA has successfully sent out the first round of test files by March 22. They were confirmed as correct by the IRS by March 24. The SSA has been working to complete the files which will be used by the IRS to dispatch the stimulus check.

The SSA, in coordination with the IRS, has ensured that the files of SSI and social security recipients are precise, inclusive, and almost ready to send out the stimulus checks.

A similar situation had arisen at the first round of the stimulus payment back in 2020. The third stimulus check is generous and could genuinely provide relief if people get it in time. But the most deprived sections of society are yet to get theirs.

While admitting that they could not provide an exact timeline, the IRS noted that people who made use of the non-filers tool, and also those who have filed their 2019 and 2020 returns will be receiving their stimulus check. People who have done neither continue to await the stimulus payment.

The IRS is working along with the Railway Department, the Veterans Affairs, and the SSA for updating the information and sending out payments quickly. The details will be soon provided on

The FAQs on the IRS website remained unclear regarding questions related to the SSI, the Railroad Department, and Veteran Affairs.

Facts Of The Stimulus Check With Regards To Direct Express

A lot of Americans receiving federal benefits do so on Direct Express debit cards. But all that the DE site revealed was that the timings on the stimulus check payments are due soon. Again no dates were available.

4.5 million Americans receive social benefits and veteran affairs payment through this program and the majority do not have any bank account.

The IRS is expected to credit the payment to these cards. The payments have been going out in batches. The prepaid debit cards and paper checks were mailed last.

Ironically, the people who got their stimulus check first are those who have the money to file taxes. Next to receive were those who are not required to pay taxes and made use of the non-filers app.

Will Married Couples Receive Two Stimulus Checks?

Many questions remain unanswered at present. Many couples have received two structures of payment, or what seems to be only half of the payment expected.

IRS officials have clarified that married couples filing jointly, but including a spouse who is injured might expect their third stimulus check in two parts.

The second check is expected to be based on the tax return. The second check may also be sent out through the mail. As the injured spouse’s claim is to ensure that the total tax return will not be utilized to offset a spouse’s previous debt, and that includes past taxes due for only the injured spouse.

Both taxpayers should use the ‘Get My Payment’ tool to check their status separately for both the payments. Both the payments may come within the same week or weeks apart and that is compounding the confusion.