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Friday, July 1, 2022

Stimulus Checks Worth $300 To $2000 Are Now Available

Households with children used the children’s tax credits as a means of income. The President’s BBB Act was a ray of hope for them. Around 36 million families across America received the last round of stimulus checks this month. The total payments amounted to $16B. IRS and White House hope to compensate by giving double stimulus checks in Feb 2022. 

Stimulus Checks Are Still Being Given Out

Alabama hopes to link services with those who need them. Mineral royalties are being paid by Alaska’s PFD. The residents of Alaska have been receiving $1114 since Oct 11. 

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Arizona is giving out one-time stimulus checks worth $2000. Individuals who returned to their workplace between 13 May and 6 Sept and have worked for eight weeks, will receive the stimulus check. Around $300M was invested into the program. 

Starting from Dec 27, California started paying its residents the last stimulus check. Ranging between $600 to $1.1K, the stimulus checks are a part of California’s GSS program. 

Connecticut, like Arizona, is giving working residents one-time stimulus checks. They set aside $10M for it. First responders and teachers were eligible for Florida’s state stimulus checks. The Governor of Florida proposed one more round of stimulus checks for the teachers in 2022.

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Georgia paid 230K educators and school staff $1000 each. Illinois’ Chicago will give between $500 and $5000 to families with low income. It is part of their basic income program. 

Louisiana will pay $500 to each household that has been affected by Hurricane Ida. Maine’s essential workers will receive $285, as compensation by the state. 

New Hampshire is giving stimulus checks worth $1086 to families with no income. New Jersey will give $500 as a tax rebate to eligible households. New York state will give tourism sector workers $2750 as a one-time bonus. 

Oklahoma is giving residents $1200 for finding jobs and keeping them for 8 weeks. Tennessee will give teachers working full time $1000 and those working part-time $400. Other states have not mentioned the fourth round of stimulus checks. 

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