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Stimulus Check- Get It Before The Eviction Ban Expires

The federal government’s extension of the eviction moratorium now provides enough time for the citizens to get their share of the stimulus checks. The extension came after a prolonged and active opposition by some politicians. The extension comes as a solution to the problems of all the struggling citizens who nearly went homeless.it has been stated that the extension and will be valid until the first few days of the month of October. However, it does not extend any sort of protection to all the renters residing within the country. The ban is valid only in areas with a very high chance of spreading the coronavirus infection.

Stimulus Check- Follow These Steps

The speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, spoke a few lines concerning the eviction moratorium extension that provides the citizens some time to apply for their stimulus checks. She claimed that the families were now left safe as they no longer had to think about getting thrown out of their houses. In order to pass the eligibility test for the stimulus checks payments, there must be a minimum of one member in the house who is eligible to receive the unemployment benefits

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Either that or one of the family members has to be able to claim the difficulties he/she is going through, through a formal letter. It has to be submitted in writing that the person has lost his/her basic income source owing to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. People can either do that or the letter that they submit has to state that the growing income has made it impossible for the person to pay the house rent.

It will have to be ensured in any way that the fact that they are on the verge of losing their homes is proven. This can be done through rent notice or one of the past-due utilities. And now referring to the question of the income requirements, one will have to make sure that their income does not exceed about 80% of the median income of the entire community from the year 2020. Only when one meets all these requirements, can one be sure of receiving their stimulus checks.

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