Stimulus Check Update: California Budget Should Be Big Enough To Provide Everyone With $1,100

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Tax Refund

While the state of California has been mulling over the possibility of another stimulus check payment, a single legislator has been asking for tax rebates. In a video that was released online, Brian Jones, one of the Republican Senators for the Senate, went on to use grains of rice to navigate the idea of the projected budget surplus which was estimated at an impressive $45.7 billion.

Jones went on to explain that if every single grain of rice was $100,000, this would imply that the $45 billion surplus that California possesses has been over-collected by a lot. This led to him shifting a large fistful of rice around with his hand. 

Stimulus Check To Be Sent Out In California

According to the senator, the amount is more than enough to provide every single resident of California with a tax rebate of $1,125 for a family of one as a stimulus check payment. Most stimulus payments have been a possibility since the surplus is quite likely to exceed the constitutional limit of the state as has been set by the voter-approved Proposition 4, or what has been commonly called the Gann Limit.

This essentially puts a restriction on the amount of tax revenue the state would be able to spend while providing legislators with the options on what to do with the funds that have been left over. 

While unveiling the sweeping budget proposal of $286 billion for the fiscal year of 2022, the Governor noted that the office had been projecting a surplus of around $2.6 billion over the constitutional limit as the money kept aside for stimulus check demands. 

Jones is definitely in support of pushing for tax rebates, or as they have been commonly known in the state- the Golden State Stimulus Check Payments. The State Senator stated that whatever the amount that the Government would be able to push back would be a godsend for every single Californian currently residing in the state.