Stimulus Check 2022 Update- Relief Payments Could Be Coming Out This Month

Stimulus Check

With inflation and the price of gas continuing to be a cause of suffering for many people, the citizens in the country could be receiving a stimulus check payment.

Several states have already decided to send direct stimulus payments to the residents, almost a year after the federal government issued the last round of the payments under the American Rescue Plan. In several states, the payments have been referred to as tax rebate checks. As has been reported by Advance, several states like Maine, California, New Jersey, Delaware, Oregon, Georgia, and New Mexico have decided to send in their payments to the residents. Interestingly, New York doesn’t seem to be one of the states that have put up additional relief payments. 

Stimulus Check Payments Coming In From States

In the state of Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis had announced that the previous month would see around 59,000 low-income families qualify for a stimulus check payment of $450 per child. The stimulus will then be distributed to several residents who have already received one of the following services through the Florida Department of Children and Families– either adopted a child in their household- or have caregiver funds allotted in their name. In the state of Hawaii, the residents whose income comes under $100,000 will be receiving a payment of $300. Dependents will also be considered for the payment.

In the state of Minnesota, the frontline workers who had applied by the 22nd of July would be qualifying for a one-time stimulus check payment of $750. The additional payments would be coming after three separate rounds of stimulus payments which were issued to the citizens during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic under the American Rescue Plan.