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Stimulus Check Done And Dusted?

Stimulus Check provided a huge relief to the struggling citizens of America. The coronavirus plagued the whole of America and left their economy in tatters. Under such circumstances, Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan. This plan catered to almost every citizen in the form of stimulus payments. People were highly relieved by the advent of these checks. They were able to pay off their outstanding bills easily. Unfortunately, after giving out three installments, the checks stopped.

The federal government issued three sets of Stimulus Check. Checks worth $600, $1200 & $1400 were rolled out to the qualifying citizens. The third set of checks was issued recently by the IRS. The money was transferred directly to the bank accounts. However, people also had the choice to opt for paper checks. The federal government does not seem to be interested in any more checks at the moment.

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They have ordered the opening of businesses in a phased manner and have asked to speed up the vaccination process. This means that any chances of a fourth stimulus check being passed are now gone. Only the states are providing the citizens with money at the moment. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check: No Hope For Anymore Funds Remain 

Stimulus Check is not going to happen anymore. Residents of the USA must believe this news. The Democrats tried to induce a bill called “Build Back Better” to provide the citizens with more money.

However, staunch opposition from the Republicans and Joe Manchin himself, buried the chances of the bill being passed. 

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The only stimulus checks that remain are set to come from the states. States like New York, Florida, Indiana, etc will be providing money for aiding their citizens financially. 

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