Stimulus Check For California

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Stimulus Checks

California residents will soon begin receiving a new state tax rebate that has been labeled a “stimulus check” by some. The $600 checks are scheduled to start going out next month and recipients will receive them through the end of 2022. Activists are pushing for funds to go to less fortunate residents and they’re calling on Newsom to issue additional funds in future tax rebates.

California is set to send out $600 checks to residents this month, and some are calling it a “stimulus check.”

All eligible Californians will receive the rebate regardless of income level.

The stimulus check is a $600 rebate per person. If you’re married and filing jointly, you’ll receive $1,200. It’s not a loan; it’s a one-time tax rebate that will be sent out to all eligible Californians. The money will arrive in the form of an electronic deposit into your bank account or by direct deposit into your business checking account if you’re self-employed.

Stimulus Check: Gas Rebates Might Be On The Way

The California Energy Commission (CEC) will send out the $75 stimulus check to all eligible Californians. To get it, you have to register with them.

To register for the payment, go to and click on “Get Your Stimulus Payment” at the top of their page. Fill out your information and submit it online as quickly as possible because you only have until March 9th! If you miss this deadline, don’t worry—you’ll still be eligible for a check in April if they haven’t been able to reach you by then.*

If someone tells you they can get you your extra cash faster than that, they’re probably trying to scam you out of money! Don’t trust anyone without an official website or email address.

It’s not clear if the checks will be sent out in time to help people cover the costs of home energy bills this winter, but they’ll certainly make a big difference when they do arrive.