$300 Stimulus Check For Parents Could Begin Soon

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

The Family Security Act would offer up to $350 in monthly benefits for families with children aged 0 to 5 and $250 for households with children aged 6 to 17. Families would get a maximum monthly payout of $1,250, and pregnant parents would be allowed to apply for Stimulus Check benefits four months before their child’s due date.

Stimulus Check Will Assist Struggling Parents

The payments are similar to those made in 2021 under President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to millions of American families. From July through December of last year, that scheme paid payments of up to $300 per month per child, with the remaining payable this year through a tax credit. Congress refused to renew those payments beyond December, and efforts to increase stimulus spending have stalled in Congress.

The addition of job requirements for stimulus check recipients is a major – and perhaps contentious – part of Romney’s plan. The plan does not specify any eligibility conditions. 80 hours of employment per month, or an equivalent quantity of job training or volunteer work, is a common criterion for state-level benefits.

The legislation, which hasn’t been formally submitted, is still being negotiated and isn’t finished, according to Romney’s office. Various petitions have been circulated requesting for more stimulus checks similar to those distributed in 2020, but Congress has declared that it has no intentions to do so, and President Joe Biden’s proposal to extend the Child Tax Credit until 2022 was defeated in the Senate. According to a study conducted by the US Census Bureau, families throughout the country have struggled to pay for basic household expenses since the Child Tax Credit payments ended in December.