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Stimulus Check Number 4 Sanctioned? Here are The Details

Stimulus Check, despite being despatched three times, is not enough. That is what the mindset of the Americans is right now. Recent development saw a countrywide claim for further Stimulus payments. In the middle of all these, news of a $1000 payment is doing the rounds. Many states in the US have decided to send these bonuses to teachers. Given below are the details. 

Stimulus Check For Teachers, $1000 Shelled Out By Many US States 

Amidst all the claims for the fourth Stimulus Check, good news seems to arrive for the Teachers. Various districts & states in the US have decided to reward the teachers with monetary payments. The confirmed amount to be given out shall be $1000. This announcement will surely bring smiles to the faces of many education workers. Earlier, petitions have been signed in favor of an added stimulus benefit. 

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The government of some states stated that teachers have done an amazing job. They stated that the education sector suffered a huge blow following the one set of pandemics. The lockdown made things even worse. Teachers struggled to do their job amidst the pandemic. All of their schedules were turned upside down. They had to switch continuously between online & offline work. On top of all these, schools were also being shut down. These circumstances posed a serious challenge for the teachers.

However, States felt that all the education workers have done a commendable job. To tackle an important sector like education like the way they have, was impeccable. This, to honor all the good deeds, checks were structured as appreciation. Officials stated that teachers are entitled to a payment of $1000/person. Georgia, Florida($1000), Hawaii($2200), Michigan($500 to teachers & $250 for staff) have announced the bonus. Colorado, California, Texas & Tennessee are the other states.

However, this decision has offended many. They stated that using Stimulus Check money as individual bonuses is not the right move.  

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