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Stimulus Check Four Dilemma Continues

Stimulus Check fit the fourth round has been largely demanded for a long time. All the American citizens strongly demanded the provision of further money. However, no such news has been confirmed by the government. Despite all the fuss about direct payment, there is certainly more money waiting to be grabbed. The Child Credit Tax money has already hit the Americans. They will continue to be rolled out for the rest of the year. Let us explore the various sources of financial aids and also investigate the possibility of Stimulus Check 4. 

Stimulus Check 4: Is It Coming?

The common people have vehemently demanded the stimulus payments. But Congress seems to be ignorant about the fact. However, the chances of another government funding cannot yet be discarded. Keeping in mind the covid scenarios, the possibility cannot be ruled out. America saw a significant surge in the number of covid cases. The Delta variant is threatening to wreak havoc on America again. Under these situations, a shutdown might be inevitable. This can act catalyst to the possibility of a fourth check. Apart from the usual stimulus payments, some other funds are waiting. 

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The Child Tax Credit money has been announced. It will provide for a total of $3600 for children under 6 years. Families having kids within the 6year-17year range will receive $3000 from the government. This set of payments has already been processed by the IRS. The money will be deposited directly or mailed as a paper check. Citizens will continue to receive the money till the end of 2021. 

A petition on the Change.Org website has become popular. It asks for a monthly payment of $2000 to all Americans. This petition has been signed by almost a 2.7million people. The States have also announced their Stimulus Checks. California is the first state to provide monetary assistance to its residents. The teachers of some regions are also in line for some handsome payments. 

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