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Stimulus Check Four Unlikely?

Stimulus Checks have created quite a buzz in America. The government’s reluctance towards further payments has only worsened the situation. Thousands of people are now demanding the fourth set of payments. The government is being pressurized in all sorts of ways. Two petitions are doing rounds. The first one has been listed on a website called “Change.Org”. This is on the verge of becoming the most signed petition. Almost 2.7million people have signed in favor of further checks. The other one has been proposed by Ilhan Omar. Both these checks demand monthly payments for the citizens. However, the possibility of another check being announced is bleak. Let us study the factors why a fourth check is unlikely. 

Stimulus Check: Clouds Darken Over Further Payments

Despite the huge push from the common mass, the government has turned a cold foot. The administration of Joe Biden stated that they were open to all kinds of suggestions. Suggestions did come pouring from everywhere. From petitions to letters, everything has been hurled at the government. But the federal government did not play by the emotions. They analyzed the facts and statistics.

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A recent data published has enlightened towards an interesting direction. The latest reports of jobs have depicted a sharp fall in the unemployment rate. The number stands at 5.4% for July. This was much higher for the month of August at 5.9%. This has made the government’s reluctance even stronger. July has recorded the lowest unemployment rate since the onset of the pandemic. 943,000 work opportunities have been included throughout 30days. 

This has almost sealed the fate of a supposed fourth stimulus check. The government now focuses to add more and more new jobs each day. The listed job also comes with a handsome salary. 


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