A Stimulus Check Is Coming Your Way If You Are A School Staff Member!

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Stimulus Check

A new stimulus check is heading your way if you are a school teacher or a member of the school staff. The Rescue plan of America package has allocated a whopping $350 bn for local and state governments. 

In Florida, A School Staff Member Or A Teacher Will Be Getting A New Stimulus Check!

A few states will be using this for the safety of their students inside schools. Others will be giving a new stimulus check for their teacher and staff members. This stimulus check is a way for the school to thank their teachers and their staff members during this raging Coronavirus pandemic. These stimulus checks amount to $1000 each and is meant as a thank you to the teachers and the staff members. The stimulus money is supposed to be a thank you to all the people who managed to adapt their work during this Coronavirus pandemic. Florida is a state which will issue these types of thank-you checks. 

Florida will be providing these checks to over 170,000 teachers. Meanwhile, in Georgia, most of the staff members and the school teachers will be getting a bonus. These bonuses will be issued from the 35% of the total Covid-19 stimulus aid sent to the schools by the federal government. A check will be heading your way if you are a teacher or a member of the staff of the school.

In California’s Berkley, the teachers will be getting a bonus of 3.5% of their total salary. However, everyone is not so happy with these bonuses and stimulus checks issued for the staff members and the teachers. In Florida, nearly 130,000 employees of the school got disappointed because they won’t be getting a stimulus check.