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Stimulus Check 4: Know Where Your $600 Check Is This Week

Residents of California are expected to get more state stimulus checks. About 1,150,000 natives of California are estimated to receive further money for the pandemic before the month of October is over.

Where Is Your California $600 Stimulus Check?

The stimulus checks have been prepared as part of CFTB’s (California Franchise Tax Board) GSS (Golden State Stimulus) I and II programs. Residents should be getting most of the stimulus checks before the year is over.

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The most recent stimulus checks are scheduled to be sent out on 31st October. CFTB’s Andrew LePage released a statement regarding the matter. He said that the upcoming batch that is scheduled will consist of about 1.15Mn payments under the GSS II. This includes approximately 750,000 checks that will be mailed and 400,000 checks that will be directly deposited.

The latest GSS II stimulus checks are worth anywhere from $600 to a maximum of $1100. The criteria for qualification for the GSS II is for an individual to be a resident of California as well as having an AGI that is below $75,000.

Before 2021 ends, it is estimated that 4.5Mn California residents will be getting the stimulus money. The CFTB will be issuing 9Mn relief payments to that effect. In a previous press release, the CFTB said that residents will usually get the payment via the option for refund that was selected when the resident was filing their taxes.

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One more stimulus check might be headed to the citizens of the Golden State who had qualified for the first GSS. The qualifying condition for the first GSS is to be a native of California as well as have an AGI that is a maximum of $30,000. The individual must have also claimed the EITC of the state.

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