Stimulus Check Update- Millions Could Be In Line For $1,000


If Governor Tim Walz has his way, close to 2 million people in the state of Minnesota could effectively be in line for a stimulus check payment of $1,000.

The executive from Minnesota has redoubled his efforts in using some of the budget surplus of the state to cut payments to the taxpayers. Back in January, Walz had proposed a direct payment of $500 to most of the taxpayers in the state which would help in combating inflation. As it stands, the rate of inflation has already jumped to 8.6%- from its previous rate of 7.5% in January.

Stimulus Check Payment In Minnesota

Although his plans didn’t receive much traction during the spring, Walz did go on to announce a larger stimulus package and has been continuing to push for further payments. The plan of Governor Walz could see Minnesotans receive a stimulus check payment of $1,000 who have earned less than $165,000 the previous year. It has been announced that couples who incidentally filed their taxes jointly will be receiving a sum of $2,000- if they have also reported a sum less than $275,000. The state has already recorded a budget surplus of $7 billion, and the plan from the Governor would ideally spend a sum of $4 billion on direct rebates. 

Along with the direct payments, Governor Walz went on to push for some relief for the citizens at the gas pump. He has also called for the state legislature to suspend the gas tax of the state temporarily- which is around 28.6 cents at the gallon. The average price for a gallon of gas in the state has been settled at around $4.71, according to AAA. So, a stimulus check payment could help them out.