Stimulus Check: More Money From States


Stimulus Check announcement comes as a boon to the Americans. A huge chunk of the citizens has benefited from the much-needed financial backup. Common people, businessmen, and many others have already claimed their benefits. The government of Joe Biden declared the program in the month of March. The program stressed struggling households. Families that struggled with the adversities of the pandemic were given importance.

However, it has been found that many wealthy families received the check as well. Families earning well above $600,000 got benefited from Stimulus Check. According to a recent survey, a Stimulus Check worth $50 has been received by the high earners.  The money included $40 as direct stimulus assistance. The remaining $10 came as Child Credit. This has led to a series of protests.

Common people are questioning the method of the government. They are doubting the government policy for determining eligibility for payment. Petitions and letters have been produced to the government. However, the federal government did not seem interested. The administration stated that the economy has started to bounce back. The rate of unemployment has also gone down significantly.

The government is encouraging the reopening of local businesses. This would mean more job opportunities for the people. The vaccination campaign is also being promoted rapidly. Despite all these measures from the government, the local residents do not seem to be happy. To address the situation, four more states have announced stimulus money for their residents. Let us learn more about the story in detail below. 

Stimulus Check Up To $1500 Available

Stimulus Check has been announced by as many as four new states. The government of Colorado, Illinois, Minnesota, and Indiana have sanctioned new financial remedies for the eligible ones. Every tax-paying individual will get a sum of $750 in Colorado. The amount will be increased to $1500 in case of joint filers. The Family Relief Plan of Illinois will provide $300 to eligible individuals. 

The Frontline Workers Payment Bill will provide $750 to almost 667,000 workers of Minnesota. Indiana will be dishing out money up to $650 for their taxpayers.