Stimulus Check 2022: Several States Are Still Giving Out EIPs


To help many people cope with the different issues brought on by the coronavirus outbreak, which is now in its third year but is gradually waning a little, the United States has issued countless stimulus checks. As spring approaches, some states will get further stimulus payments as the US government keeps printing money to support the economy.

In March 2022, the Biden administration requested $22.5 billion from Congress to help pay for the country’s pandemic response. However, that request did not call for further direct payments to Americans.

Flores would require a majority of the vote to defeat Sanchez, another Democrat, and one other Republican on the all-party, four-candidate ballot. 

3 States Are Handing Out Stimulus Checks

If a runoff is necessary, it will probably take place in August. Filemon Vela’s (D) tenure, which expired in March, will be completed by the victor. In a Texas special election, Republican Mayra Flores is vying for a seat in the typically Democratic Rio Grande Valley. The special election serves as a gauge of Republican efforts in Texas’ heavily Democratic Rio Grande Valley to increase their support among Hispanic voters for the 2020 election.


It looks that California citizens who own registered vehicles would receive a $400 stimulus check before the end of the year for each vehicle they own, up to a maximum of two. Specifics are still being worked out. Although state lawmakers are still unable to agree on the plan’s specifics, it appears that people will get at least a portion of the state’s budget surplus before the year is up.


One of the first states to offer stimulus checks to its citizens was Delaware, which delivered $300 “relief rebate” payments to everyone who turned in their 2020 state tax forms before the end of May.


The $125 tax refund stimulus checks for Indiana residents who filed their 2021 taxes started to arrive in May.