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Investing With The Stimulus Check: How To Get Started In 2022

Three rounds of government-issued stimulus check and expanded unemployment benefits provided a lifeline to suffering Americans during the pandemic. Several governments are now offering their stimulus payments as inflation continues to batter wallets, topping 8.5% yearly in July.

Although it’s a relief to Americans to see their paychecks no longer being eaten up by petrol and rent increases, the relief comes at an unusual moment. Although the “official” criteria for recession is a two-quarter decline in GDP, reduced unemployment rates and rising incomes paint a different picture.

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Who Will Get Stimulus Check? 

Only a few states have formally revealed their stimulus check as of yet. Some people are in the process of sending money abroad or have already done so. Later this fall, other people will start issuing money.

Governor Gavin Newsom introduced the brand-new “Middle-Class Tax Refund” in late June. This programme allots $9.5 billion of the state budget for stimulus check to lessen the financial burden of inflation.


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Later this year, a one-time tax rebate will be given out thanks to the Colorado Cash Back Bill. The only requirements are that you were a full-year resident of Colorado in 2021, were at least 18 on December 31 of the previous year, and filed your refund before June 30, 2022.


Each adult Delaware citizen will get a $300 lump sum payment as part of the state’s relief rebate programme. Residents must submit their 2021 state tax form by the specified deadline to qualify. According to Delaware’s Department of Finance, checks were issued throughout the summer.


A $450 one-time payment to about 59,000 residents was authorised by Governor Ron DeSantis last month as part of an effort called “Pandemic TANF Funding.” To be eligible, you must participate in specific state aid programmes or be a caregiver or foster parent. More information on eligible participants and programmes is available here.

Idaho, Hawaii, Georgia, Illinois and other states are joining the list too.

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