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Stimulus Check: No Joy In New Year

Stimulus Check four has been speculated for a long time. The earlier checks have provided a great sense of relief to the mass. However, the current situation in America has led the people to push for another check. The covid cases in the country have seen an alarming rise. This has led to the fear of yet another shutdown. 

The people are very much keen on receiving more payments from the government. The common people are looking up to the government to have their support. So what are the odds for a fourth stimulus check possibility? The last few weeks have witnessed a sharp rise in the covid cases. Death rates are also going up alarmingly. The Omicron Strain is expected to be the culprit. As per speculations, a new wave of pandemics is threatening to hit the United States. 

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This means that another possibility of a shutdown cannot be ruled out. The people are looking up to the government to have the people’s back in case such situations arise. Despite demands & requests, the federal government seemed to turn a deaf ear. The chances of federal stimulus checks are almost none in 2022. There will be occasional assistance though. Let us look at some of them. 

Stimulus Check Assistance In 2022: Fed Checks Unlikely 

Most of the states have declared monetary benefits for their citizens. California has been the frontrunner in this case. They are giving out $600 to every resident. Families with children are awarded $1100. People need to earn less than $75000 to qualify for the money. Other states like Maine, Maryland, Connecticut will also dish out stimulus checks. 

Households that gave birth to a baby in 2022 will be given $1400.  This amount is expected to take care of the newborn’s welfare. No fresh federal stimulus checks have been sanctioned. The possibility of getting one is also bleak in the new year. 

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