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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Stimulus Check Update: No Possibility Of Another Payment

It can be assumed that the chances of getting another stimulus check payment are pretty non-existential. Lisa Rowan, the consumer finance advisor at Forber Advisor, has stated that they can confidently announce that there is absolutely no chance of another payment.

In the light of this, there have been quite a few states that are sending or have already sent their payments to residents who would qualify- seeing that the payments from the federal government won’t be coming anytime soon. Rowan has also mentioned that a stabilizing economy along with massive rollouts for vaccines would decrease the need for another payment. 

Substitutes For A Stimulus Check

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Interestingly, there have been other programs that are still in place to provide financial assistance to those who won’t be receiving another stimulus check. Rowan has mentioned that part of the reason why legislators at Congress seem to be so less focused on the next stimulus payment is simply that there are a couple of programs in place that would support people who have been struggling in this pandemic.

This implies that you would still be eligible to receive the unemployment benefits from your state- despite the federal benefits expiring. 

Now, although the economy has definitely recovered from the treacherous state it was in previously, there have been quite a few Americans that have continued to struggle with the financial duress under this pandemic.

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This has resulted in them applying en masse for these programs, such as food assistance or rental or even unemployment, which could get pretty challenging. This has led to Rowan suggesting that one should contact their local COVID response hotline or website for resources in lieu of the stimulus check.

One of the biggest benefactors has been the child tax credit stimulus check, which was expanded under the American Rescue Plan of Joe Biden. 

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