Stimulus Check Update: New Payment Of $285 To Be Issued Next Week

stimulus check
stimulus check

A new round of stimulus check payments would come out next week to close to half-million American citizens, and the payment would be worth $285. This payment which has been scheduled to come out on the 15th of November would be made eligible to people in the state of Maine.

In a press release on Wednesday, Janet Mills- the Governor of Maine- stated that the hardworking women and men who have worked tirelessly to ensure that the state functions properly through the pandemic definitely deserve a major part of their appreciation.

Stimulus Check Payment In Maine

Now, with the bipartisan budget getting passed by the lawmakers and signed by the Governor herself, the administration would be issuing a one-time stimulus check payment of $285 to around half a million working people in the state. Mills hopes that this payment would help the families to some degree during the holiday season as they try to recover from the after-effects of the pandemic on their economy.

The one-time payment of $285 will be sent out to around 524,754 people around the state from the 15th of November till the end of 2021. 

Another stimulus check payment that would be a part of this is the Disaster Relief Payment which will be dealt with by the Department of Administrative and Financial Services. It would comprise a part of a budget deal passed by the State Legislature of Maine to help people who worked a lot during the pandemic last year.

Under the Disaster Relief Payment Program, the State Tax Assessor would be required to identify every single eligible citizen of the state, after which they would determine the amount of payment- to a maximum sum of $300.

The funding that has been allocated to Maine is $149.8 million which when divided by around 524,754 individuals would amount to a stimulus check payment of $285.46.