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Stimulus Check Payment Will Be Available In 2 Paper Ways

The IRS has sent out the 1st wave of stimulus checks this very week. All the recipients are advised to use this particular tool of postal service in order to track their check before it reaches their mailbox.

The stimulus checks on paper are en route with checks worth over $442 million sent through the mail as reported by the US Treasury and the IRS on Wednesday. Some more payments will soon be posted via postal service within the forthcoming weeks and will be received by the eligible citizens of the United States of America.

Paper Stimulus Checks

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In case someone is expecting the arrival of their 3rd stimulus check through their mail as a paper stimulus check or through the debit card of EIP instead of the direct deposit process, they must start checking their mail regularly where the envelope with money will soon arrive at their doorstep.

The IRS might have sent your stimulus check which can be easily tracked through the tracker tool that has detailed information of the $1,400 check payment. It can tell us the exact location of our check and how long and when it will be reaching the concerned citizen.

The other kind of paper check is the informed delivery that is basically a free service of mail tracking from their USPS which automatically scans the letters. In addition, the informed delivery also gives alerts with the image of the arrived letter with the name and other details. Thus the 3rd stimulus check might arrive through this mail system.

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You need to sign up on the USPS Informed Delivery site and open an account after giving the necessary details. Then you can easily start tracking your paper check.

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