Stimulus Check News: Workers Who Were Excluded Brought The Request Of Getting Stimulus Check Payments

Social security
social security

There are some residents of Washington who still did not get their stimulus check payments from the Federal Government and suffered during the whole pandemic. They faced both economic and other difficulties not only for the pandemic but also due to the gradual rise in inflation. This group of people will report to the City Council of Washington on Tuesday to file an application of request to let them use the money from the American Rescue Plan

Residents Will Report To The City Council To Get Their Stimulus Check Payments

Escucha Mi Voz is trying to convince the council from January to give the money to those residents who still did not receive the stimulus check worth $1,400 from the approximate amount of $1.08 million that is left for this purpose. Based on the data from the U.S. Census, nearly 140 applicants are eligible to get the stimulus check payment worth $200,000 in aggregate. 

These 140 residents have met with Deanna McCusker, the Administrator of the City, Jaron Rosien, the Mayor, Millie Youngquist, and Illa Earnest the members of the City Council. David Goodner is a member of the Iowa City Catholic Worker House and made it clear to Illa and Millie that Washington can go through at the excluded worker fund of Johnson County. 

In the views of David, the state could easily copy the program of Johnson County with just an alteration that the program would give priority to people who suffered from the impacts of the economy in a negative way. People who have no job will qualify for this program along with residents who did not get their stimulus check payments. 

The only drawback is that there is a shortage of funds as the number of eligible people is too many. Illa and Millie both stated that they know the significance of the decision and are taking it to vary seriously. The state of Washington still has $300,00 amount of funds for ARPA.