Stimulus Check Payments Coming Soon

stimulus check
stimulus check

Stimulus Check has been dished out to American citizens in three installments. However, there are still demands for financial assistance looming large on the state governments. The last round of stimulus payments went out in 2020.

If you’re wondering if your state will be getting another round, we have some good news for you: it’s possible that another wave of federal stimulus checks could arrive in September. The bad news? There’s no guarantee it’ll happen this month or even next year—it all depends on how Congress decides to allocate funds during the upcoming budget negotiations.

In September, you could be receiving a stimulus payment from the government.

Stimulus Check Four In September?

The payments are part of an economic stimulus package passed by Congress in February 2019 and signed into law by President Donald Trump, who was then serving his first term. The idea behind the payments is to help Americans who have been struggling with financial hardship since the Great Recession ended in 2024.

States will get their checks on Sept. 20, with more payments arriving every month until 2022 — when all 50 states will have received theirs.

Since the state-specific stimulus payments were announced, several states have already received their checks. Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware and Washington D.C. all received their stimulus checks on September 15th.

The remaining 49 states will receive their checks on either September 20th or September 27th (depending on whether they are in the first or second tier).

Below is a list of states that will be receiving stimulus cash in September and October:

  • Alabama ($600 million)
  • Arkansas ($600 million)
  • Arizona ($300 million)
  • Florida ($1 billion each year for two years)

As of now, the U.S. Treasury has not announced a potential date for when residents in these states will receive their stimulus payment. Those who live in Tennessee, Iowa, Washington and Ohio should be on the lookout by the end of this month if they want to know whether they’ll get another round of stimulus checks before mid-September 2022.