Stimulus Check Update: California Payments To Land In County Accounts

stimulus check
stimulus check

Individuals who have been currently living in Kern County would be seeing the California Stimulus check in their bank accounts. This would be because the state government would be issuing another round of payments for the public. The extra fund, which comes as a part of the stimulus package of California, would see people who have an annual earning below $75,000 per year receive a sum of $600 to $1,100.

The extra funds which the stimulus package is providing should definitely help boost the economy to extend itself up to a certain level. This implies that the money at hand has to be spent.

Stimulus Check Money Would Help Those in Kern County 

The CEO of MoneyWise, Sherod Waite, recently reported that the economy can only have a definition if people went about spending their money. When people receive the stimulus check money, it should come as no surprise to anyone that it would be putting up quite a big impact on the national economy- for people from the lower strata are the ones that take the payments and then push it right back into the economy.

Waite has also mentioned that while saving the excess funds could be an ideal scene for some people, the very act of saving won’t help the population in any way. 

When 17 News went around and asked citizens what they would be doing with their stimulus check money, they mentioned that they would either be spending it on bills, personal projects, or daily essentials. A local father, Angel Ybarra, mentioned that he would be purchasing baby supplies- for he has a son of 8 months. The rest of the money would go into power bait for fishing. 

Another individual of the area, Mark Umbinetti, stated that the last stimulus check they had received had gone into fixing their bathroom. Interestingly, such a payment was relatively unheard of- making it something special for the people.