Stimulus Check Payments- How To Receive A Payment Worth $487

Stimulus Check

According to the latest news, frontline workers in the state of Minnesota will be receiving a stimulus check payment of around $487 for their role in combatting the coronavirus pandemic. This direct payment was recently announced by the Governor of the state, Tim Walz, on the 3rd of October, with around 1,025,655 workers waiting in line to receive a payment. Peggy Flanagan, the Lieutenant Governor went on to then confirm this news on Twitter. She mentioned that the Governor and she had announced that the frontline workers in the state would be receiving a sum of $487.45 in bonus pay.

Frontline Workers In Minnesota To Receive Stimulus Check Payment

She further wrote that the frontline heroes had been putting themselves on the line almost every single day during the pandemic- where they also cared for the communities. Therefore, this was definitely supposed to be just an extremely small way through which the state was expressing its gratitude to them. The stimulus check payments were issued on the 5th of October, with most of the eligible recipients receiving their word by email about whether their application had been accepted or not. Workers in long-term care, healthcare, courts, education, and food service were considered eligible for the payment. 

The residents of Minnesota who also ended up working in the positions during the most recent tax year would be qualifying for the stimulus check payment of $487. Those who did receive the payment through direct deposit will be receiving it within 7 to 10 business days, which definitely implies that they would be receiving the money in the week of October 17. Interestingly, it has been announced that those who would rather receive their money through a pre-paid debit card will have to wait for around three to four weeks.