Here’s the Latest Update on the New Stimulus Check Payments


Stimulus check payments are a topic that everyone wants to hear about, and we’ve got some good news! Payments are now being sent out in select states.

If you’re one of the lucky recipients, you should expect to see your payment in the next few weeks. Be sure to review the payment schedule and check for any errors or discrepancies. You’re probably wondering who is eligible for the new stimulus check payments. So far, we know that the payments will go out to residents in the state of Alabama.

But that’s not to say that other states won’t be added in the coming weeks and months. The Department of Treasury is still working out the details and plans to release more information in the near future. The good news is that the stimulus checks are starting to go out, and there’s been a lot of progress since we last checked in. As of September 16, 2019, more than 1.5 million payments have gone out in just one state.

And the amount of the check? It depends on your marital status and your income. The payments range from $300 to $1,200, so there’s something for everyone. Keep checking back here for the latest updates, and be sure to spread the word to your friends and family members who might not be following along. 

How Much Will the New Stimulus Check Be?

The good news is that the government has already sent out over 16 million payments, and they’re continuing to process payments every day. So you should receive your check soon.

But if you haven’t received it by September 30th, here’s what you need to do: first, check the status of your payment by going to the website Next, call the phone number on the website or go to a local Social Security office for help.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t panic if you haven’t received your payment yet. There are a lot of people who are still waiting, and the government is doing everything they can to get the checks out as quickly as possible.