Stimulus Check Update: Petition Hits Milestone

stimulus check
stimulus check

For several weeks now, most Americans have been yearning to know if Congress would bring out another round of stimulus check payments. Now, the petition which urges the administration to dish out a payment of $2,000 to qualifying Americans on a monthly basis for the entire period of this pandemic will touch a new milestone. The petition recently went through 2.9 million signatures on Although it will soon touch a record 3 million signatures, most of us are wondering if it will ever lead to reality. 

How did the $2,000 stimulus check petition begin?

The stimulus check petition was created by Stephanie Bonin back in 2020, but quite a lot has changed over the year. Although the economy of the country is still quite shaky, it can’t be denied that things are better than they were. On the flipside, jobless claims have been increasing again, as the economy struggled majorly to get going despite high cases of Covid in quite a few states. The petition created by her urges Congress for a payment of $2,000 to adults, and $1,000 to children. 

In an update to the petition, Bonin mentioned that the economic recovery so proclaimed hasn’t reached several million Americans. The true rate of unemployment for low-wage workers stands at an estimated 20%, and quite a large section of the population has been facing major debts from the previous year for things like rent, utilities, and child care.

The IRS has also been working round the clock- processing the CTC stimulus check payments, and tax refunds. In fact, quite a few officials have stated that it could take up to 4 months to simply process the tax refunds. 

As it can be understood, the citizens of the country have been desperately waiting for some governmental money in these tumultuous times. A resident of Ohio also stated that she didn’t receive any of the stimulus check payments that Congress had approved.