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Stimulus Check Update: September Would Bring New Checks

The country has been going through a shift from stimulus payments coming from the federal government to state governments issuing stimulus check payments. This implies that the payments coming from the states would be the same that they have kept aside to support the residents of their states.

As it stands, the worry and anxiety over the pandemic do remain across much of the country- as around 80 million American citizens haven’t yet been vaccinated. This financial aid from the states will definitely be a welcome relief for those who aren’t yet safe from getting laid off. 

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Stimulus Check status – Stimulus Updated List

The deadline for the distribution of the stimulus check money has been set on the 31st of December, and yet several states have already gone down the process of pushing out checks where they are needed the most. The residents in the state of Alaska might be deemed eligible for some extra money through the program of Federal-State Extended Benefit, which could bring in around 13 to 20 weeks of stimulus payments.

Interestingly, this is only possible for just a few residents, and it all depends on how much of the stimulus check money has been claimed already. At the same time, the citizens have also been waiting for updates regarding the checks from oil wealth. 

Currently, California has been the only state that has pushed out a stimulus check money through its own budget surplus- due to its taxation system. Most of the residents who earn around $30,000 – $75,000 per year would be entitled a sum of around $500 – $600, with around $500 for households with dependent children.

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In Colorado, most individuals who have already been sent at least a single unemployment payment between the 15th of March 2020, and the 24th of October, 2020 will be receiving stimulus check payments of $375. However, people who will be qualifying for unemployment benefits of over $500 will not be considered eligible.

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