Stimulus Check Reboot: One State Can Send $2,000

stimulus checks
Stimulus Checks

To help its citizens cope with the effects of rising gas costs and inflation, one state is considering sending each of them a sizable $2,000 stimulus check.

In preparation for the June 30 time limit, the Pennsylvania legislature is putting together a new strategy and is looking into ways it may give citizens a raise. Reportedly, Pennsylvania has $2.2 billion in leftover stimulus funding and roughly $4.9 billion in tax revenue excess.

Governor Wolf Talks On The Stimulus Checks For Pennsylvania

The stimulus checks have been proposed to be used in a variety of ways, including direct stimulus checks to state citizens to help balance the 40-year record level of inflation, which has been supported by lawmakers across both sides of the political spectrum.

“The cost for everything from petrol to groceries is a bit higher just now compared to just a few weeks earlier and for Pennsylvanians surviving pay to pay, even a slight rise in expenditures may mean tough decisions like food costs or rent,” said Governor Wolf in a statement.

Direct payments (sometimes known as stimulus checks) of up to $2,000 each would be distributed to Pennsylvania families with a yearly salary of $80,000 or less as part of the planned PA Opportunity Program, which would be funded by $500 million in ARPA funds.

The purpose of this aid is to assist families that are currently struggling economically as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak by helping them deal with the rising cost of living and other expenses directly connected to the epidemic.