Stimulus Check Update- States Issuing Tax Rebate Money

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

While the government hasn’t issued another stimulus check payment worth $1,200, some states have started issuing tax refunds and relief payments.

This has been seen as a way for taxpayers to ease their current woes that have been caused by the rise in inflation as well as the economic plunge which many are afraid could turn into a recession. Other states have also looked towards implementing statewide child tax credits- although others have been looking more towards a gas tax holiday that would make the gas prices just a little lower at the gas pump. 

One such state that will be issuing a second stimulus check payment is New Mexico which will be issuing it next week. Most of the single tax filers with an annual income of $75,000 will be qualifying for a payout of $250, while married couples who have filed their taxes jointly will be qualifying for a payment of $500- with a combined annual income of less than $150,000.

Taxpayers who have chosen a direct deposit will be seeing the funds the next week, as reported by the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department, while others should receive them in the next few weeks. One round of the stimulus payment has already been sent to the New Mexicans in June, and the next one will be scheduled for August. 

Stimulus Check Payments To Be Issued In Several States

Another state which has issued an inflation relief stimulus check in California. This has been the result of significant wrangling between Governor Gavin Newsom and the state legislators, which will result in millions of citizens of the state receiving inflation relief checks as high as $1,050. The payments will be coming out of the $97 billion budget surplus that the state has, and will be issued out through debit cards or direct deposits by 2023. This was reported by The Sacramento Bee, which also stated that the amount every resident would receive will depend on their income, household size, and their tax-filing status. 

For the stimulus check payment in California, single taxpayers who will be earning below $75,000 a year and couples who have filed their taxes jointly and less than $150,000 a year will be receiving a sum of $350 per taxpayer. They would also be receiving $350 if they have any dependents. Therefore, a married couple with children would be able to earn as much as $1050.

Individual filers who have an annual income between $75,000 and $125,000 and couples who earn between $150,000 and $250,000, will see the individual and the couple receive a sum of $250 per taxpayer, along with $250 if they have any dependents. A family with children could easily receive a sum of $750. Now, individuals who earn between $125,000 and $250,000 and couples earning between $250,000 and $500,000 will receive a sum of $200. It should be understood that any individual earning above that bracket, and couples earning above that bracket will not be eligible for the payment. 

Stimulus Check Payments, As A Result Of Multiple Bills Signed By The Governors of The States

In the state of Colorado, state residents who filed their tax returns for 2021 by the 30th of June will be receiving a stimulus checksum of $750 by September. On the other hand, joint filers will be receiving a sum of $1,500.

Filers who then went on to receive an extension on their taxes and will be filing their taxes by the 17th of October will be receiving their refund by the 31st of January, 2023. In the state of Delaware, Governor John Carney had initially signed a bill in April that approved a stimulus payment of $300 for those who had filed their tax returns for 2020. If one filed their tax jointly, every person involved would be receiving one of the payments. 

In Georgia, Governor Brian Kemp had authorized a bill in March that authenticated rebates to taxpayers who had filed their state returns for both 2020 as well as 2021. It is understood that single taxpayers will be receiving a stimulus check payment of $250, with the heads of households receiving $375 and married couples receiving a sum of $500.

Individuals who owe income tax, partial-year residents, or delinquent child support will be receiving a smaller rebate. In Hawaii, residents who earned a sum under $100,000 in 2021 will be receiving a tax rebate of $300 this year. It would also depend on the number of dependents one has- so individuals who earn more than $100,000 and couples earning more than $200,000 will be receiving a sum of $100. According to the Department of Taxation for the state, payments will start getting processed in the latter half of August. 

For Idaho, Governor Brad Little went on to sign a bill in February that would issue a stimulus check payment of $75 to each dependent and taxpayer, as well as 12% of their state income tax return for 2020- whichever turned out to be greater. In Indiana, the payments of $125 have already been issued from May, irrespective of income which was a result of the automatic taxpayer refund law.

The Governor, Eric Holcomb, has been urging the state lawmakers to issue an additional $25 to taxpayers. In a statement made in June, Holcomb stated that the Hoosiers had some real needs which needed to be fulfilled. With the rise in the price of things, everyone should be able to benefit from the success of the state. 

In Maine, the taxpayers with an annual income below $100,000, and who have already filed their state tax returns for 2021 will be deemed eligible for a direct stimulus check payment of $850. Couples who will be filing jointly will be issued a single payment of $1,700. It is expected that the payments will start getting issued before mid-July.