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Stimulus Check Update: States To Approve Payments In September

The USA has already put out three different rounds of stimulus check payments since the pandemic resulted in an economic crisis. Most eligible Americans have been receiving a sum of up to $3,200 from the federal government, and some have still been looking out for some additional payments under the Economic Impact Payments.

The IRS has its deadline set in December of this year to distribute the funds from the third round of the Economic Impact Payments. This round was specifically based on tax filings, but the IRS still had to use the information of the previous year to figure out how much to send.

States Have Been Sending Out Their Stimulus Check Payments 

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Those citizens who have gone through severe economic hardships during this period will definitely be eligible for another supplemental payment instead of a stimulus check payment, although those who were overpaid did get to keep the extra cash.

The agency has been sending out its plus-up payments since April, and they will continue to do so until the year ends. As for those that haven’t filed their taxes the last couple of years due to meager earnings but have filed for it this year have been seeing their stimulus payments with the IRS processing the further payments. 

California has been one of the first states to send out its own version of a stimulus check through a tax refund that was enacted as a major part of the Comeback Plan worth $100 billion. The first GSS went out on the 27th of August to around 600,000 residents. However, the tax board of the state has to send around 9 million payments, which ought to be done between the 1st of September and the 15th of October 2021. 

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Several other states have narrowed the portions of the population they would be doling the extra stimulus check cash to. Some of them have also targeted those families with low incomes and ITIN taxpayers who have been one of the few most affected by the pandemic.

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