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Stimulus Check Update 2022: Exact Date When One-Time Direct Payments Will Be Revealed

Beginning next month, the first batch of $3,200 stimulus check will be distributed to qualified Alaskans.

The state assembly adopted the yearly budget and included a clause stating that qualified residents will receive $3,200 payments by the end of 2022. According to Alaska Public Media, direct payments should begin arriving in eligible residents’ bank accounts on September 20.

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Direct payments for eligible beneficiaries who choose paper stimulus check won’t start arriving until October.

According to the study, the state Senate first authorized payments of $5,500 to qualified residents. Both chambers agreed to the $3,200 direct payments after the state House objected to the $5,500 cheques. Along with the rest of the state budget, Governor Mike Dunleavy signed the bill into law (R-AK).

Alaskans Are Going To Get Stimulus Check Soon:

According to proponents of the sizeable contribution, inflation, rising energy prices, and other economic concerns for people justified a larger direct payment.

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According to the report, the direct payment is the largest in state history and is funded by the Permanent Fund dividend.

This budget is a blueprint for Alaska’s future, not just a list of expenditures. Budgets should reflect the goals and values of the people they are intended for, and I think this legislation does that. Those are the words of Dunleavy.

Here are some other states already providing these stimulus check:


This summer, Colorado is offering the “Colorado Cash Back,” a tax rebate of $750 for single taxpayers and $1,500 for married couples filing jointly.


California is preparing to provide millions of households with another wave of direct payments, this time in the form of a tax return of up to $1,050 dubbed the “Middle Class Tax Refund.”


The $1.83 billion Family Relief Plan, introduced by Illinois in early July, featured income and property tax rebates and a temporary reduction in several sales taxes, such as the suspension of the 1 percent sales tax on groceries through June 30, 2023.


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