Stimulus Check Update From September

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

Various states have officially announced that they will be sending out stimulus checks or tax rebates to US citizens in September.

Inflation is continuing to cause major issues for millions of residents across the United States of America. Gas prices, in particular, may have dropped, but they had reached near-unprecedented levels back in July and other day-to-day purchases are getting harder to make.

Which States Are Sending Out Stimulus Check Payments In September?

According to CNET, California residents will receive stimulus checks worth up to 1,050 dollars, which will begin going out in October. Colorado will send out checks worth 1,500 dollars for joint filers, while Delaware residents who filed their 2020 tax returns will receive 300 dollars.

The 60,000 families that already received TANF, or had a foster child, in Florida received 450 dollars for each kid. Meanwhile, Georgia eligible residents got up to 500 dollars and Hawaii residents could receive 300 dollars per person and dependent.

Eligible citizens from Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina and Virginia will also receive a financial boost in the state governments’ bid to help citizens make ends meet.

As for the state of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf is pushing to pass a 2,000 dollars stimulus check plan to assist citizens who are struggling due to the inflation.

“This money will make a life-changing difference for families in communities across the commonwealth, providing a much-needed buffer against prices that are artificially and temporarily higher due to inflation,” Wolf said in a Monday statement.

“Let’s put this cash back in the pockets of Pennsylvanians, to help cover the higher costs of gas, groceries, and everything else.”

The income limit will be set at 80,000 dollars per household. This means that the scheme will cost around 500 million dollars, as about 250,000 households are expected to qualify.