Stimulus Check Update For The Residents Of Illinois

stimulus checks

J.B. Pritzker, the Governor of Illinois, made a promise to distribute stimulus check payments to the eligible residents as a relief from the taxes they are paying. He mentioned his proposal while giving his budget information for the year 2022. A part of this benefit will arrive directly at the mailboxes of the individuals as a form of stimulus checks. 

Illinois Government Will Distribute Stimulus Check Payments To 90% Of Taxpayers

This proposal is a bit different from the stimulus check payments distributed by the Federal Government when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. The state of Illinois will give out money on the basis of the personal tax filing of an individual. 

The people who independently filed their income tax returns in the year 2021 will be eligible for a $50 stimulus check only when their annual income will be less than $200,000. In the case of joint filers like married couples, whose total earnings for the year 2021 is less than $400,000 will be eligible for a $100 direct payment. 

The Government of Illinois will also give money to dependents worth $100 each and one individual can opt for a maximum of three dependents. Thus, this means that the maximum money for an individual with three dependents will be $350 and for joint filers, it will be $400.

The budget with surplus money allocated to this proposal was already signed by the Governor this Tuesday. Thus, the stimulus check payments will arrive soon. However, no fixed date has been revealed by the State Government when the payments will actually show up. 

The list of eligible residents for this check will be finalized by the Revenue Department of Illinois as per law. The final list will arrive on 5th July and then the payments will be distributed. The data from the filing of the tax return in 2021 will be collected and people who did not file such returns will not be given the stimulus checks.