Stimulus Check Update- Massachusetts Has Announced Tax Rebate Checks Of $500

Stimulus Check
stimulus check

Massachusetts is on its way to bringing out a new stimulus check payment, with the legislators in the state legislature announcing on Thursday that they have a plan.

This alleged plan would involve issuing payments of $250 and $500 to residents throughout the state. In a joint statement that was brought out by Ronald Mariano, the House Speaker, and Karen E. Spilka, the Senate President, the legislators of the state had proposed that the residents would be receiving payments based on their respective income levels. The money would probably be coming out from the $3.6 billion surplus that the state government had accrued from the previous year as reported by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. 

Massachusetts Will Institute a Stimulus Check Payment

The proposal came after there were several reports that the citizens of the state were hoping for some form of inflation relief from the government. Residents also informed WWLP that they believed that the state government should make sure that the stimulus check payment was coming in, with the minimum wage being increased to cover the cost of both energy and food.

Under this plan, the recipients who have been deemed eligible would be receiving a single $250 check as a single taxpayer, while couples who have filed their taxes together will be receiving a payment of $500. In order to qualify for the payments, an individual has to have an annual income over the sum of $38,000 and below $100,000 in 2021. Couples who have earned over $150,000 will not be declared eligible for the payment. 

The statement has also made it clear that the stimulus check payment will be distributed to the public due to the increase in the price of gas, food, and other consumer goods. This is why the state legislature will be introducing the Taxpayer Energy and Economic Relief Fund.