Stimulus Check Update- Payments Of $200 To Begin Next Week

Stimulus Check
Stimulus Check

One of the biggest ways the American economy tried to get back on top during the pandemic period was through stimulus check payments. The government issued three different stimulus payments throughout the entire country. Now, while the citizens have been clamoring for another payment, the federal government doesn’t seem too interested in that proposal.

On the other hand, there have been quite a few states that have picked up the slack and decided to issue stimulus payments of their own. Recently, the state of Indiana decided to issue a new relief bill which was signed by Governor Eric Holcomb. 

Indiana To Receive Stimulus Check Payments

The state government in Indiana along with the Governor repeatedly pushed for the citizens of the state to qualify for stimulus check payments of about 200 dollars as a part of the new bill. This payment comes in after the citizens already received payments of $125 in the early half of 2022.

For those who haven’t yet received their $125 payment, these payments can be combined together, if they are eligible for it. The checks should find their way into the bank accounts of people very soon, with the state auditor claiming that the payments have already started being rolled out with the first one coming in on the 15th of August.

The foremost criteria to receive this stimulus check payment is that one needs to be a current taxpayer in Indiana. Also, if one has already received a tax refund from the IRS and they are already signed up for direct deposit then the money will simply be deposited in their account- without anyone having to do anything.