Stimulus Check 2022 Update- Who Will Be Eligible For The Payments?


South Carolina did announce back in June that they would be issuing a stimulus check payment in the form of an income tax rebate.

This payment should be useful in combating rampant inflation along with the increasing threat of recession. The Governor of the state, Henry McMaster then signed up a tax cut bill that would be seeing the taxpayers receive a sum of $800 in either late November or the early part of December. The federal government has already brought out three separate rounds of stimulus payment during the pandemic. While it is quite improbable that the federal government would be issuing a payment anytime soon, close to 17 states have already brought out their own stimulus payments to their citizens. 

Stimulus Check Payment Issued To Citizens

In the state of California, Governor Gavin Newsom along with the legislators of the state has already agreed to distribute a stimulus check payment of $1,050 to millions of residents. The payments will be coming out of the $97 billion budget surplus that the state has- which will be issued in the form of debit cards or direct deposits. According to the Sacramento Bee, the first payments will be distributed in October. The amount of payment a resident will receive will be dependent on the tax filing status, income, and the size of the household. 

In the state of Colorado, the residents of the state who have already filed their tax returns for 2021 will be receiving a stimulus check payment of $750 by September. On the other hand, joint filers will be receiving a sum of $1,500. Filers who had previously received an extension on their tax returns and filed by the 17th of October deadline will be receiving their refund by the 31st of January, 2023.