Stimulus Checks Number Four: Are You Getting Another Payment?

stimulus checks

The Delta variant of the virus is rising and has affected the economic condition of the people. People are looking for help from a wave of stimulus checks that will help them recover.

Few states have authorized new stimulus checks and also came up with additional payments. It is depending on the IRS now if they can help on a national level.

The question has not been answered by the Service but we have received several hints about the direction of the nation.

Supporting The New Stimulus Checks

Ron Wyden, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders have written a letter to Joe Biden pleading him to allow direct payments and automatic unemployment insurance extensions that are tied to economic conditions. 

The Senators had stated that the crisis was not over and the residents deserved a level of certainty of putting food on their tables. The families should never be at the hands of ad hoc solutions.

Ilhan Omar had written a letter earlier, along with 53 Representatives, where he asked for payments that will help the people recover and meet their basic needs. He asked the President to issue stimulus checks that would solve the debt problems and decrease the losses made in the recession.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Rashida Tlaib had also signed the letter and did not place a number on the requested stimulus checks. Ilhan has tweeted later that the number was to be $2,000 for a month, till the pandemic ends.

The support for the stimulus checks keeps people’s hope alive but it is still not likely. Vaccinations are being done steadily and all adults are eligible to be inoculated. The total dose received by Americans is 368 million and is close to 61.6% of the population. CDC has revised its norms and recommends people to wear masks again, indoors and outdoors. The political side has made the fourth wave of stimulus checks a long shot. The Republicans termed the stimulus package as a “blue state bailout” and believes that the third payment would increase the deficit and can lead to inflation.

 The fourth stimulus checks are improbable but various other direct payments are available that include the American Rescue Plan which has a better Child Tax Credit and unemployment benefits.