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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Stimulus Check Update- Tax Refund Checks Could Be Hitting Soon

It has been reported that the taxpayers in the state of Indiana have already been receiving a stimulus check amount of $200 in their bank accounts.

This is the result of a tax refund check, which came days before the checks were actually expected to be disbursed. Lawmakers went on to approve the refunds during a special session earlier this month after the initial refund was proposed by the Governor of the state, Eric Holcomb.

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The Department of Revenue for the state did expect that most of the automatic payments would be reaching people on Wednesday and provided information for close to 1.5 million taxpayers to the banking system of the state on Tuesday- which then led to the initiation of the process. 

Stimulus Check Payment In Indiana

A spokesperson from the Department of Revenue went on to mention that there were a host of other factors that did affect the time that it took for the process- which was definitely outside of the control of the DOR. Some banks were much slower in accepting outside ACH deposits than other banks.

The Department nevertheless expected most of the ATR direct deposits to arrive in the bank accounts of the citizens by the 24th of August. Those who did qualify for the payments definitely had received the benefits from Social Security for 2022 and were not to be claimed as a dependent on a 2022 Indiana income tax return- in order to receive their credit of $200- according to the department.

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Those who went on to receive the initial $125 refund from the stimulus check payment can definitely expect the $200 additional inflation relief refund to also deposit into their accounts. 

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