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Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Stimulus Checks Worth $600 Going To Oregon

Over 200,000 residents in Oregon can soon expect stimulus checks worth $600 thanks to a new law for low-income workers.

The one-time stimulus payments were approved for specific low-income workers.

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Those who claimed the EITC in 2020 and lived in Oregon for the last six months of the year will see the payment.

Over $141 million dollars will be sent out to 236,000 households and only one stimulus check payment per household will be sent.

Stimulus Checks Of $500 Going To People In Minnesota

$82 million dollars being sent will be sent by direct deposit.

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Stimulus payments of $500 could be going to thousands in Minnesota

$60 million dollars being sent will be sent by check through the mail.

Everyone who qualifies should see their check by July 1, 2022.

Federal stimulus money given to Oregon by Congress under the American Rescue Plan is being used to fund the stimulus checks.

Some Republicans and most Democrats passed the bill, known as House Bill 4157 in the spring.

The original plan was to send $2,000 stimulus payments to residents who were essential workers. They need to have remained working during the pandemic.

They were also supposed to go to anyone that went back to work last fall.

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