Stimulus Checks Worth $850 To Be Given To Black Women

Stimulus Check

The Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund, on the other hand, will be solely dedicated to assisting Black women in rising. Over the next two years, the fund will deliver $850 monthly stimulus checks to 650 Black women across Georgia, making it one of the country’s largest stimulus check projects. Some participants will be paid regularly, while others will be paid in one stimulus check.

Stimulus Checks To Be Sent To Georgia Residents

In America, there has always been some form of inequality for Black women. We just observed the unemployment rate in the United States fall for all employees except Black women. It is well known that violence against Black women has long gone unnoticed by the mainstream media. As a result, it’s not surprising that Black women suffer a wealth disparity in cities across the country.

Along with this project, the city of Atlanta will conduct its basic income program, which will assist 300 low-income individuals. It will pay residents $500 for 12 months. Michelle Lockhart is a member of the Old Fourth Ward Economic Security Task Force and a community advocate.

The Georgia Resilience and Opportunity Fund manages the “In Her Hands” initiative. The Atlanta City Council and GiveDirectly, a nonprofit monetary assistance program, were the first to bring the project to light. According to ABC News, it was discovered after talks and surveys from people in Black neighborhoods that looked into the causes of the wealth gap in the city.

That is where it should always begin. Too frequently, initiatives aimed at assisting the Black community are not developed by members of the Black community.

According to ABC News, the stimulus check project will begin with residents of the Old Fourth Ward, a community in East Atlanta where Martin Luther King Jr. grew up.

However, one point of worry is that the program would not include financial literacy classes or guidance on how people should spend their stimulus check.