Sushi And Synthetix Removed From DeFi Fund In Grayscale Fund Portfolio


Grayscale, the digital asset managing firm, has picked up 3 cryptocurrency assets and removed two others from its DeFi Fund. The inclusion across 3 lead investment funds and the booting out of two others is part of the firm’s 1st quarterly rebalance this year.

The tokens were removed from Synthetix, the decentralized exchange for crypto-derivatives, and also Sushi-Swap, the decentralized exchange. The tokens were also moved from its DeFi (decentralized finance) fund after they did not meet the minimum market cap required. The significant change in the Grayscale DeFi Fund was the removal of Sushi during the imbalance.

The other cryptocurrencies remained untouched in the course of the rebalancing. The DeFi finds of Grayscale, launched last July, has assets of around $8M. Digital assets that remain in the decentralized finance fund after this swap include Aave, Uniswap, Amp, MakerDAO, Compound, and Yearn. Finance.

The Removal Of Sushi And Synthetix Replaced With Multiple Digital Assets

Grayscale also included Polkadot (DOT) and Avalance (AVAX) to the Dig. Large Capital Fund. It added Cosmos to its Ex-Ethereum Smart Contract Platform (GSCPxE Fund), while Sushi was cut out along with synthetic. 

Their GSCPxE Fund was launched in March and enables investors the capacity to place a stake on any index of the largest competitors of Ethereum. The total current holdings as listed for the GSCPxE Fund are Solano (SOL), Cardano (ADA), AVAX, Polygon (MATIC), DOT, Stellar (XLM), ATOM, and Algorand (ALGO).

Grayscale is the largest crypto asset management service in the world and holds around $43.5B in assets under its management as calculated in January.

GBTC is their largest fund with over $30B AUM. But it has traded at a discount over its NAV over the past year. The Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is followed by ETCG (Grayscale Ethereum Trust) with $11.8B AUM.

AROUND $9.3B in crypto investment funds were generated in 2021 alone as inflows from institutional adoption peaked at new levels. Grayscale is preparing for a Bitcoin Spot market ETF. It informed of its willingness to go for legal action if its investment products are not allowed by the US SEC.