Swyftx Has Launched Earn And Learn- A Tool To Talk About Crypto Scams


Swyftx, a crypto exchange from Australia, has recently launched a new crypto education platform called ‘Earn and Learn’, which is aimed at rewarding users for completing all forms of courses that cover an array of crypto scams. This new educational platform will be launched on the 6th of September and comes amidst a lot of attention given to crypto-related scams in the country.

Tom Matthews, the head of corporate affairs of the exchange, stated that the aim was to better equip the general public with the knowledge until the time when the entire crypto industry finds itself regulated fully. It would also help in serving to help people understand the crypto market better- whilst reducing their own susceptibility to scam the coins. 

Swyftx Has Devised A New Platform To Educate People About Crypto Scams

In an interview with Cointelegraph, the head of corporate affairs for Swyftx mentioned that the platform would be helping users in identifying different scams– which include pig butchering, spurious tokens, and other cons on social media- which include pump and dump schemes.

Also, these courses will provide users with an ‘at a glance’ checklist through which they would be able to consider which tokens to purchase- based on the utility. The exchange, which already has close to 660,000 customers, went on to identify quite a big rise in demand for the education of crypto during this bear market. 

It has been announced that the first 4,000 people who complete the first course on the fundamental analysis at Swyftx will be receiving five Australian dollars in Bitcoin, with over 100 Australian dollars in total rewards- which are available to every participant over the next 12 months.