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Saturday, April 17, 2021

SYRS Has A Recommendation Of Buy Set By Brokerages

The stocks of SYRS have received a rating from buy, as set by nine different brokerage firms that have been commenting on the stocks of the company. According to a report published, one of the investment analysts working on the firm has given it a rating of hold, while seven of them have given the stocks a rating of buy. Currently, SYRS has a price target set at $17.57 which has been calculated over a period of a year. 

The Stock Commentary of SYRS

There have been quite a few research equities that have commented on the stocks of SYRS. Zacks Investment has already reduced the shares of the company from a rating of buy to a rating of hold which was published in a 24th February research report.

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Brookline Capital Management has also set up a rating of buy, along with a price target set at $19 which was published in a 10th November research note. Oppenheimer has gone the same way- with a rating of buy, and a price target set at $13 which was published in a 6th November research note. HC Wainwright has increased the rating of SYRS from a rating of neutral to a rating of buy- with a price target that was increased from $11 to $15, in a 4th November research note. 

The shares of SYRS traded on Wednesday at $0.58. The market cap of the stock is $482.17 million, with a -5.14 PE ratio, and a 2.01 beta. The company also has a 3.51 current ratio, with a 3.51 quick ratio, and a 0.44 debt-to-equity ratio. The company has a year low of $4.26 with a year high of $15.65. The moving average price of the firm over 50 days is $11.61, with a moving average price over 200 days set at $10.34. 

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