CPE Has Been Rated Hold By Brokerages


The stocks of CPE have been set up with a hold rating as decided by twenty-three brokerages that have covered the firm over the last couple of months. This was published in a report, which also stated that five of the analysts covering the firm gave it a rating of sell, while thirteen analysts have provided the company with a rating of hold. The price target set by brokerages on the CPE is $9.22 which was fixed while calculating it over a period of a year. 

The Stock Commentary Of CPE

There have been several research equities that have commented on the stocks of CPE. Citigroup was the first one to increase the price target of the company from $6 to $16 which was then published in a 21st January research report. MKM Partners went the other way round with a price rating that was reduced from $26 to $20.

Truist increased the price target of the company from $14 to $29 in a 26th February research report. The Royal Bank of Canada increased the price target of the company from $16 to $20 with a rating of outperform affixed to it. Siebert Williams Shank has a rating of hold with a price target of $10 set to it. 

The stocks of CPE traded on Wednesday at $2.99. The market cap of the firm is $1.35 billion, with a -0.55 PE ratio, and a 0.46 PEG ratio. The year low of the firm has been set at $3.80, while the year high has been set at $28.69. The moving average price of the company over a period of 50 days is $18.70, with a moving average price over 200 days is $10.91. CPE also has a 0.38 quick ratio.