Take Your Brand’s Game To The Next Level Through Instagram Video Marketing

Instagram Video

Social media platforms have become one of the biggest stepping stones for new and independent brands to make a name for themselves. It helps create a market, and what’s better? The customers you find on social media are the ones genuinely interested in your products. Amongst all the social media platforms, Instagram is one that still dominates them all. Surprisingly, even though it is a photo-centric platform, Instagram video marketing has become one of the most effective content marketing strategies. 

With platforms such as YouTube and TikTok, it’s inevitable that people will crave for video content. 

Here’s Why You Should Care About Instagram Video Marketing 

The facts are plain and simple, static photos receive 49 percent less engagement than video content on Instagram. 

This is just the result of a rise in consumers binge-watching everything. And this is why you should pay more attention to Instagram video marketing. The integration of videos and content marketing strategy will rack up your viewership, and in turn, your website visitors. 

Why Choose Instagram Videos Over Other Social Media Platforms?

Making videos is not new to social media. However, Instagram video marketing brings in new avenues for brands to explore. Moreover, it gives brands much more format flexibility than any other social media platform. 

Instagram video allows at least 60 seconds for an in-feed video, which is a perfect size for catchy commercial or quick tutorials. And, the standard industry rule for video marketing for any brand is around 2 minutes. It compresses your creativity into a catchy Instagram video that is sure to get a view. 

Moreover, Instagram stories allow you to create and upload 15-second videos. These don’t need much production, and they merely take a few seconds to get published. 

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The Instagram video format flexibility doesn’t just end here. There are also IGTV videos, which can last for 15 minutes ( if it’s a mobile upload) and an hour (if it’s a web upload). More to add to the list are Instagram Live videos. It allows you to interact and engage with your customers in real-time for up to 1 hour. 

What’s more? Instagram recently released another feature that allows you to mix music with your video (also provides you with a ton of exciting new editing features) – Instagram Reels. 

It doesn’t matter if you need to create a long-form video or a short one, Instagram video marketing provides you with all the options. 

Plus, if you already have a video marketing team for other social media platforms, you can repurpose your creative videos for your Instagram followers. Additionally, you don’t have to put much effort into it, you can just cross-post it!

Boost Up Your Creativity Using Instagram Video

Instagram Video Marketing is one of the best places for you to explore your creativity and set a tone for your brand. A brand is all about its looks. What kind of customers do you want to target? What do you want to focus on in your marketing videos? These are some of the questions that you should focus on while brainstorming your content marketing strategies. Plus, it’s super fun to creatively explore your brand!

What you need to remember is that digital marketing keeps shifting from trend to trend. It’s fast and alive. That’s why, it’s super important to be on top of which features, what formats and styles are best for your brand at any given moment. It could be a time-lapse Instagram video or a color explosion, or one of the many filters that could give your brand a creative boost. The options are endless!

Your Budget Does Not Bar You From Creating Instagram Videos

In other words, it’s a super pocket-friendly marketing strategy. You might be working for a corporation, or you might be just a startup, whatever your budget is, you can create any number of Instagram videos. 

If you want to invest a ton on your Instagram video marketing, that’s cool. If you don’t have enough budget to spend on it, that’s okay too. The endpoint is, you don’t need a huge (or any for that matter) budget to spruce up your brand name creatively. 

You only need a smartphone and a creative mind to sell your brand. That’s all there is to prepping up to create marketing Instagram videos for your brand. 

It’s often noticed that even big brands like using minimalist videos to show off their brand. 

Five Quick Tips On Creating Excellent Instagram Videos

Let’s take a look at what’s not just trending but working for many successful online businesses. We will tell you five quick tips on how to create effective and engaging Instagram videos. Learn from real-life marketing strategies and be at the top of your game. 

Promote Your Service Or Product In Action 

Why is Instagram video marketing better than a promotional static post? It’s because you can show off your service or product in action. Plus, you can add a tutorial to make the post more engaging. 

The logic behind this plain and simple. If customers see someone wearing or using your product, they will be able to picture what they should expect. And, that’s the best way to attract a potential buyer. If you offer a service, when customers see the result of your service, they will be much more likely to engage with your brand. 

Some features that are best for this are product reels, time-lapse videos, and other videos that show off your product from all the angles and in the best light. Moreover, it doesn’t even require complicated editing work. 

Produce Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are best to make your customers familiar with your products and brand. Furthermore, you keep posting engaging videos, you won’t just garner attention, you will attract loyal customers. People often look forward to tutorials, and if your videos show good results, it will further give your brand the legitimacy that every brand requires to succeed.  

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You can create in-feed quick Instagram video tutorials. And then, follow that up with a live video to tutor your customers in real-time. And, you can save this live video for your customers to watch later. Mixing these two features will be most beneficial for your brand and your customers. 

Reveal Behind The Scenes

This is another excellent technique to engage your customers. The traditional way of marketing has gotten tiring. In the fast world of digital media, people crave authenticity and exciting new things. And, when you show your customers behind-the-scenes reels through Instagram video, you will capture their imagination. 

It’s a simple technique, but it’s known to be an effective tool in content marketing. These videos can be from festivals or conferences that you attend. It takes low effort, and it encourages your followers to interact with you more via stickers and captions. 

Question And Answer Sessions

An Instagram video Q and A session are great for you to engage with your customers. This won’t just show that you care, but it will also give you data on your customers’ needs and wants. And, you can use that data to further improve or add some new products. 

Another great thing about this method is that you don’t need to be proficient in editing techniques. You can shoot your answer videos using minimal equipment. Just get creative and cater to your followers’ needs. That’s the most important thing. You can do this in two ways. You can either ask for questions beforehand and shoot answer videos, or, you can vet some questions while shooting an Instagram Live video. 

Engage Followers By Asking Them To Submit Creative Instagram Video Using Your Products 

This is another excellent technique to prompt and hype up your products. Set up contests and give some incentives to the winner. This will also help you build a community around your brand. And, a community is a sure gateway to getting loyal customers. It also adds a sense of competition amongst your followers, which will further generate their engagement and help you expand your business. 

Share these Instagram videos, and you will establish your brand’s legitimacy.

Does Your Instagram Video Marketing Work?

Even though a lot of these content marketing tactics don’t need much financial investment or effort, you still need to make sure that your Instagram videos are doing the work they are supposed to do. Can you do something to improve your game? How do you find out if your marketing strategy is working? Below, we will answer these questions. 

What Is The Purpose Behind Your Particular Instagram Video?

Always determine a purpose and create an effective Instagram video accordingly. Thinking about this will give you a motive, and you can track your end result. Do you want to focus on your brand or a particular product? Of course, everything is about your brand at the end of the day. However, you need to know how to categorize.

One effective way is to find a purpose is to plan an Instagram video theme early on and out if in your content marketing calendar. Furthermore, you need to make sure that whatever you create aligns with the rest of your feed and your other social media profiles. 

There are several software agencies that can help you with such an analysis. Sprout Social is one such publishing tool that you can use. This platform will give you a bird’s eye view of all your Instagram video assets. This way, you can check if you are focusing too much on photos or videos. 

Explore Instagram Video Web Publishing

Your marketing should never limit you. If you have focused on photos, then, it’s time to focus on videos. Similarly, if you only focus on mobile publishing, then you are missing out on professional-looking web-published Instagram videos. 

Analyze Your Instagram Video Analytics

While Instagram videos are highly engaging, it’s always a good idea to notice how your marketing campaigns are doing. Instagram videos are great for engagement, but are you getting the most out of this strategy if you don’t try to improve it every once in a while?

Are your videos performing better than your photos? Which videos and photos are the most popular amongst your followers? Are people watching the entirety of your videos? What’s your average video view count? These are some questions you need to keep in mind while rolling out your marketing campaigns. 

Collect the data and analyze what you can do to make your marketing campaigns better. Every brand has a niche, and you need to find yours. Even within that niche, you need to be able to create content that interests each category of your followers. This is the most important aspect of running a digital marketing campaign – user engagement. It not only helps you spread the word about your brand, but it also helps turn your followers into loyal customers. 

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Sprout Social, the software we mentioned before, also has an Instagram Analytics feature. You can use their tools to break down all your marketing campaigns. The more you understand this processes the more effective your marketing strategies can be. 

You Know Your Brand Best

Here’s the point, we can give you all the advice we have in our reservoir, but ultimately, it’s you who knows your brand best. What kind of a brand is it? You know your crowd. What do they need? And, you need to alter and personalize all the above tips to your advantage. 

One content marketing strategy doesn’t work for all. Assess your needs and create your Instagram video accordingly. And you are good to go!