Tesla Has Decided To Close Its Forums And Open Up A Social Platform


Tesla has decided to open up a brand new platform on its website which would be geared towards letting both the fans and the owners be proactive regarding their movements towards cleaner energy. This new site is going to be referred to as the Tesla Engagement Platform and already contains information about how the residents of Nebraska can actually support this push to allow direct service and sales in that state. It would also be informing the people about several events, along with information about upcoming events. 

Tesla’s New Social Media Platform Will Solve The Problems Of The Message Boards

The first post on this site mentioned that Engage Tesla is one of the newest platforms for this company which would be geared towards the public policy team and the Owner’s clubs. The goal of this social media platform is for the creation of a home base digitally for most of our work. This would also help the members of the community to gain information about what might be the demands of the fans. The users of this social media platform would also be able to comment on the posts while liking what others write. 

The creation of a social media platform by Tesla would mean that the company would be closing their forums section which is present on their website. Although there are quite a few forums on the internet that are based on Tesla, the message board on the website was literally one of the first places where both buyers and owners would discuss and bring out their opinions regarding their ideas. But there was a slight issue with the chats being unmoderated- which filled the chats with trolls and spam. 

The message boards of Tesla have been one of the longest servants of the company- but a notice did come out that the forums would simply be read-only from the 15th March.