The Best Apps/Websites To Help You Prepare For University

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Studying at a university far from home and friends is not easy. Then there is the added pressure of making new friends and living alone. Lack of motivation and productivity crop up soon if you are not alert and at the top of your game. So how does one prepare for their postgraduate diploma at the university? 

Well, we have a plethora of apps and websites that can help you keep sane while the rest of the world seems to be absolute chaos! Be it time management, writing, socializing, or planning your day, here are some tools to help you through. Let these be the guiding lights on those darkest of nights to help you survive university and emerge victorious!

1. StudentRate

best tools for uni

One of the smartest decisions you can make at uni is to start budgeting every month. It is one of the toughest things to do when you are surrounded by people making the most of their lives out enjoying. To help you keep on track, StudentRate can be used. This website offers great discounts on a number of things, be it textbooks or electric devices.

2. Half

Buying and selling those expensive textbooks can actually save you a small fortune! Be it Half or other similar websites, buy used books and let your books be of help to others, while you save some bucks!

3. Help.PlagTracker


Long nights of typing out papers and when you get the results back, the professor has found tons of minor errors! Surely you don’t want that anymore. So let Help.PlagTracker help you with professional editors who check your factual details and help polish up the papers.

4. NinjaEssays

This awesome website is of great help when it comes to writing those essays for your postgraduate diploma. Let real experts online prepare your submissions for the best results.

5. Audible for those Audiobooks 


Too tired to read that thick book for tomorrow’s class? Let Audible help you with an audiobook version of it! Take a walk outside and learn while listening to this app.

6. Koofers

Flashcards help a lot when preparing for exams. Let Koofers be your guide during those stressful days. And once the exams are over, you can again head back to Koofers to look for jobs and internships!

7. Alarmy (Sleep If U Can)

Are you one of those sleepyheads who cannot get out of the bed in the morning? Well, thankfully Alarmy is here to help. This annoying alarm will get you out of bed at any cost and you’ll end up attending all your important classes!

8. Sworkit


When you’re pursuing your postgraduate diploma, it can be eays to get lost under those piles of notes. Sworkit reminds you to exercise regularly and helps you stay smarter with a fitter body!

9. Dragon Dictation

Tired of typing those notes and turning them into papers? Let this dictation app help you. Just read your notes out loud and speak your thoughts, and Dragon Dictation will turn them into text!

10. SelfControl

best tools for uni

Friends peeping in frequently or new Reels up on Instagram that you HAVE to check out? Let this free app on Mac help you avoid distractions like IG, Uk free bets, Twitter, Facebook while you concentrate on your studies.

11. OpenStudy 

If you dig studying in groups but none of your other uni friends do, you can join OpenStudy. It will let you join study groups for maths, physics, history, chemistry, and many other courses. 

12. Studious

studious tool for uni

Forgot to switch off the phone while in class? And that’s when that stupid box decides to ring up! Avoid those sharp looks from your professors and use Studious. It tracks your daily classes and avoids all interruptions to help you concentrate. But this app is only for Android devices.

13. InstaGrok

Can’t find a book that explains those difficult concepts easily? InstaGrok can help you locate such topics and it will create a customizable concept map for you. Learn all the important details faster and make your postgraduate diploma easier than ever!

14. BenchPrep

best tools for uni

Those exam blues chasing you? BenchPrep offers an extensive library of test preparation courses that are quite interactive! Locate all your study materials and use their excellent base of practice questions, study lessons, and flashcards to make preparing for exams a breeze. No more nights of crying into your pile of notes and books!

15. RealCalc

Struggling with your numbers and that boring calculator is of no help either? Let RealCalc help you revive that love for numbers. Forget about buying those expensive calculators for class. This excellent software will take care of all your calculating worries and let you enjoy it too!

So these are some of our favorite apps and tools that are sure to guide your uni days. Save your money, stay fit, and don’t miss those lectures. Keep a track of your notes and let professionals help you out to earn that prestigious postgraduate diploma. Whatever is your need, there is an app, software, or tools somewhere out there to help you out. All you need to do is put in some effort and look for it! Enjoy your days at university, have fun with your friends, but also take care of your studies and finances. You’re about to step into the outside world and truly experience life.